Our Team

Bio’s – JJ, Alex, Sophia


JJ has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years.   He began in the Marines Corp as a trainer in survival swimming and has since been a trainer in kickboxing, yoga, movement therapy, functional fitness, and more.  15 years ago, during a time when JJ was facing his own trials and tribulations he found sobriety and is in recovery, then to reinforce his sobriety he used ancient mind-body exercises, meditation, and good ole fashioned therapy.  In an effort to find a system that worked for himself, he found skills he could pass on to others. 

JJ’s worked with veterans of war, veterans of the war on drugs, and anyone trying to overcome major obstacles in their life, whether it be severe trauma or heart disease, cancer, addiction or simply trying to decrease the amount of medication they are taking.  He works alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to give clients a comprehensive path to optimal health. 

He draws from an encyclopedia of exercises that challenge the mind and body, learned from 30 years of Martial Arts, dance, Yoga and fitness .  His work has taken him to every corner of New York City and every corner of the world, including trauma relief programs in Haiti and Gaza with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.  His clients, who come from every walk of life, all praise JJ’s creative approach, unique presence of being, and dedication to serving others.


Alex is a caring compassionate individual who is driven by making a difference in people’s lives.

Not only is she intuitive, but she backs up her knowledge with 2 decades worth of hands-on experience.

As a Health Program Manager with experience working on various community health programs and directly managing health projects she excelled as a strong communicator with a passion for patient centered community care, her achievements include the successful set up of all health programs at the London Aquatics Centre and the Copper Box Arena and securing the award of the Community Prescription project.

After changing the direction of her own life and leaving the corporate world Alex began to support, empower and facilitate individuals on a 1:1 basis. Specializing in helping people to change the direction of their lives, guiding people to fulfil their hopes and visions she uses techniques such as identifying barriers, resetting perspective and developing tangible tools and concepts that they can take away and put into practice in their own lives.

Alex is driven by supporting vulnerable clients drawing from her own experience in her and her natural disposition towards helping people get back on their feet. Alex uses mind body approach incorporating her exercise and movement qualifications alongside her experience, training and intuition towards coaching.

Alex loves learning and keeping up to date with the latest research, recommendation and evidence to ensure she offers relevant, safe and effective information in her place of work. She continues to advance her MIND BODY approach.